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The Search For Eternal Life
Science, Faith and The Universe Part 5

The Search For Eternal Life Part 5 
The Origins of Faith: Faith and the Universe
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1)C. This next or third theory is one where the universe expands and is stretched out to a point where all energy is gone.
Then the universe begins to fall in on itself. This theory talks about the state of collapse. In which case the universe would completely implode back into a state known as singularity (also known as the "Big Crunch") "The Big Crunch Theory" brings two main ideas with it, and they are as follows:

1)C.a. In this theory the universe is self-existent and runs out of energy and falls in on itself, in a state known as singularity, then re-explodes into a chaos state.  The results of the chaos state would be unpredictable, making the 1)C.a. model mostly useless. However, if this newly exploded chaos universe provided a source of energy to the beings already in the state of the "after life" may be able to continue to live on. Let's go back to our earlier example. If we go back to the example where I died right now my spirit could possibly live on, if the energy of the universe sustains it. Then, when the universe runs out of energy and dies so would my spirit because its sustaining force (the universe) died. But if the universe implodes then there is energy and when it re-explodes there is also energy even though it explodes into a chaos state; my spirit may still be able to live on because there is energy. This opens a new door to a theory where the beings that are already in the "after life" could continue to live by virtue of the energy of the newly exploded universe. But there cannot be any new beings with life generated and supported in the chaos universe. Remember the chaos universe cannot sustain new physical life forms but perhaps spirit life forms would be sustainable. Finally a monkey wrench in all of these creative concepts would be that once the universe runs out of energy before it falls in onto itself wouldn't all life in all dimensions die? Why? Because there's no energy to sustain them! It could almost be stated that in the case where the universe runs out of energy and falls in onto itself there is a constant presence of energy. However, because of distance between the bodies, it would seem that a shift, in which the forces that were once more dominant become weaker and the less dominant and the forces that were less dominant become stronger, providing a constant presence of energy. Who knows, these are only theories that can never be proven in our lives. Our job is only to examine them for any glimmer of credible evidence that there is a chance of eternal life. What's important is that if you're going to try to understand eternal life to make a logical decision on what to believe this theory would not be the only logical choice.

1)C.b. In this theory the universe is self-existent and runs out of energy and falls in on itself, in a state known as singularity, the process starts all over again into a logical and orderly state; the possibility for eternal life to exist is possible because of what may be a constant presence of energy (as in the above discussion). Here too when the universe expands out there is a very low or non-existent energy point in the cycle of the universe.  This raises the possibility that here too eternal life dies because it is attached to the energy of the universe. If energy is zero eternal life cannot survive. This leaves the person putting their confidence in this theory in a bit of a pickle. Should they trust it? While speaking for myself I would have to keep searching. However, for all of you who want to live it up in this life then these are your best theories to believe in. You'd better keep reading because it's not the best logical choice to follow. If I were a Hindu, this is the scenario where the gods of Hinduism would get their energy. Except this has no gods involved with it as Hinduism requires.  Our next theory is that there are many gods who provide eternal life. So lets look and see what the remaining theories have to offer.

2) The universe exists by many gods who provide eternal life. "A special note should be considered here. This scenario of "many gods" combined with the above scenario of a collapsing universe re-exploding into a logical universe would be supportive of the Hindu belief system."   The prospect of many gods in control of the universe has been around since the beginning of documented time. In fact this is oldest known documented belief system in the world with two exceptions as far as I know. Let's take a moment to review the exceptions first and then we'll review the prospects of many gods ruling the universe.
During the period of AD37 through AD97, a historian writer named Josephus Flavius wrote about two very large events regarding a singular God. The first is concerning two stone pillars that contained prophetic sayings regarding the end of the Universe by flood & Fire. Josephus explains how these pillars were said to be erected by Adam (The first man ever created noted in the Bible)
(See Jewish Antiquities Book 1 chapter 3, page 32-33). Also, Josephus refers to the Ark of Noah (see Jewish Antiquities Book 1 chapter 6, page 45-47 all. Read pages 45-47 for the author list. It contains the following names: Hieronymus the Egyptian, Mnaseas, Nicholas of Damascus for these external authors confirming Josephus Flavius's information). Some of the writings that Josephus mentions were discovered bringing the credibility  of Josephus to an even higher level. These are important because Josephus claims that people of his day had traveled to the regions where these items were located. He (Josephus) claims people actually took pieces of the ark with them and this was common knowledge. If these references were true then these artifacts of a singular God would be an even older documentation then those of  the many god belief system.       

So, Let's get back to our original thought. We can go as far back as the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations and find writings as early as 3500 BC (Sumerian) and 3200 BC (Egyptian) for this documentation.  As we discover in later articles these gods and their belief systems have gone the way of the dodo. As the civilizations became more sophisticated their beliefs began to evolve to a point where they were replaced completely by what was considered to be better belief systems. A couple of important observations would be that: none of these documents ever put forth the idea of eternal life, the documents never put forth any way of salvation, and finally we know with confidence that there was no divine plan contained in their doctrines concerning eternal life. The conclusion of the matter is that the idea that many gods providing eternal life never existed. Also, the idea that there are many gods has been completely dismissed by these civilizations about a thousand years before the arrival of Jesus Christ. 

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The Search For Eternal Life Part 5