The Ten Commandments are also known as the decalogue. What does Jesus have to do with Eternal Life? Jesus the Son of God loves you. Welcome to Jesus This Way where we talk about God, Love Science Archeology, History ancient secrets and mysteries. Learn if Jesus is the creator of all things and how he relates to the universe. Is Jesus our savior the same as the God that Isaiah refers to as God our savior?

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The Search For Eternal Life Part 6
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3) There is no God. That is to say that there is no divine creator.  If that were the case then you should see 1) Eternal life is self-existent, to see some of the existing possibilities of a universe without a god or gods.

4) *The Universe is God. If the universe were god we would have at least two interesting and distinct possible outcomes. Either the universe is:
a. A dumb idol unable to think for itself and we worship it regardless.
b. (Or) the universe god has an intellect.   

4)A. If we begin with the idea that the universe is a dumb idol that would mean there is no intellect and therefore is unable to see the impending disaster lurking out their as it expands into the possibility of a non-energy state of being. It would not be able to look after itself or care for  itself or perform any self-maintenance. Nor would it be able to answer the requests (or prayers) of its followers. In fact the universe god would oblivious to its followers since it is just an inanimate groups of objects expanding outward as a result of forces that surround them. In short, there is no god or gods present to guide the ship (so to speak), and the example in  1) Eternal life is self-existent, formula would work fine as a list of the existing possibilities of a universe without a god or gods. The best humanity could hope for is that we die and are returned to the earth or a long after life based on the energies of the universe itself (as in the earlier examples). As we mentioned earlier the universe is expanding to an end or may implode and be destroyed or may just keep recycling in a chaos state or a logical state. In either case the universe god could be in trouble and eternal life would not be guaranteed. Perhaps we could experience a long after life at best, but eternal life would not be a sure bet. Another interesting observation is that since; if there were a universe god and it's a dumb idol we would be left to make the following assumptions.

a. Humans are no different than any other life form. Just as in
   example 1)A. That is to say that we die and experience that same
   fate as all other life forms.
b. There would be no need for logic, reason and morals.
c. There would be no judgment since because there would be no
   divine being to judge us.
d. There would be no separation between good from evil since there
    is no divine law.
e. All life forms would either experience:
X. A metamorphosis and live in a long after life but is not eternal life.
XX. (Or) die once and for all without and after life.
XXX. (Or) die and if the energy of the universe remains intact
           provide eternal life.

f. If the universe dies or is energy-less there would be no eternal life.

4)B. But what if the universe god could think and had an intellect? We could say that its state of being would be important to it. In other words it would care about its own existence. Furthermore, since everything emanated from it we could say that it would be a divine creator. If this were true, then we know that where there is intellect; reason, logic are walking in lock step.  We could also consider that the universe god would want to make contact with us because we have intellect, logic, reason and morals as well. Since we come from him or her then the universe god would provide us with a divine plan to make contact in some way that we could understand. Finally, if eternal life existed the universe god would know and provide us with the details of what is expected of us in order for us to obtain it. In all of these examples, the unfortunate truth is that there is no evidence of an intelligent universe god exists, or has tried to make contact with us lowly humans at all. In fact if there is a universe god it's not even interested in its' own well-being or us.  Clearly it doesn't need our intellect, reason, logic or morals because no contact has been made. The universe god marches to its' own beat and we're left with another illogical model. However, if there were a universe god some of the interesting results would be as follow:

a. No divine plan has been provided.
b. We could not predict a true outcome, since we have no divine
    law that we could follow. We could not know the basis of the
    judgments used  (if any) to determine our outcome.
c. All life forms would either experience:

X. A metamorphosis and live in a long after life but is not eternal life.
XX. (Or) die once and for all without and after life.
XXX. (Or) die and if the energy of the universe remains intact
           provide eternal life.

*There is an important note to make mention of in examples
4)A. & 4)B. and that is that there is no doctrine to support these examples (that is examples 4)A. & 4)B.). In other words with regard to history and historic writings no society or culture has written about any god known as the universe god in this type of example. It is my belief that this is strictly a belief system that began during 19th Century and appears as a hybrid with the Buddhist belief system that exists still today and has been enhanced with time. Also, it appears, many  people of other faiths use these and other examples listed  (such as example (5) Below) and put their faith in it because they don't truly understand their own beliefs and never took the time to try sorting them out. I have spoken to many people of many faiths and they use any one of the above examples but often conclude that they don't know enough about the subject to talk about it, and in fact they have more questions then answers.

5). There is no after life.
If there isn't an after life then eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

6).  An eternal God created eternal life
What if there was a great being who is eternally existent. That is to say a great God who exists and is eternal in all directions (meaning He has no beginning and He has no end, but does exist and is everlasting.). The universe and all things that exist in all dimensions and in any scope of reality anywhere was created because it is His will. He created the universe and has a specific plan with a conclusion. He is intelligent. He used reason, logic and morals to create all things so that an intellectual being (human beings) can understand him through the laws He laid down in His creation. Is it possible God would provide examples that remain historically; examples that we can turn to as irrevocable evidence that cannot be ignored and should be examined? Simply put? Yes! First, are there any ancient documents in existence, which provide an understandable and divine plan?  The answer is yes! There is only one ancient document that is known universally through out the whole world that discusses with great detail the "creation" of the heavens and the earth; and God's plan for them. You know this document as the "Bible."

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The Search For Eternal Life Part 6