The Ten Commandments are also known as the decalogue. What does Jesus have to do with Eternal Life? Jesus the Son of God loves you. Welcome to Jesus This Way where we talk about God, Love Science Archeology, History ancient secrets and mysteries. Learn if Jesus is the creator of all things and how he relates to the universe. Is Jesus our savior the same as the God that Isaiah refers to as God our savior?

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The Search For Eternal Life
Science, Faith and The Universe Part 9

The Search For Eternal Life Part 9
The Origins of Faith: Faith and the Universe
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What Is The Bible?
, the Bible is not actually one book, but rather a collection of many writings. In most cases these writings are actual history books written by the descendants of today's  Jewish people who through verbal and written account documented events. This people transcribed some verbal (verbal non-documented)  accounts to written, and were trying to give written accounts of  prehistoric events (events before Moses writings) up to their current day for the benefit of future generations. Other writings are songs that are praises to God. Other writings are of  visions, emotional, and spiritual beliefs of revelations (including hunches or gut feelings if you will) of God moving by his spirit in peoples lives and on the earth and that their very eyes beheld: and the writers felt might have meaning to current and future generations: And still others are letters from people who believed in God to encourage others who believed likewise.  Therefore, in all the Bible is a large book that contains smaller history and law books, prophetic books, poetic books, songs and letters: All in an effort to ultimately show that their God was doing something extraordinary. It's important to note that all religions even the sciences have their documented writings of similar intent, premonitions and gut feelings; and none of the above are considered unusual.

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Jesus This Way offers the Mystery and logic series. Educational material for you and your family to learn scientific reasons and truths about scripture that are nothing less than astounding! Come on in.

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The Search For Eternal Life Part 9