The Ten Commandments are also known as the decalogue. What does Jesus have to do with Eternal Life? Jesus the Son of God loves you. Welcome to Jesus This Way where we talk about God, Love Science Archeology, History ancient secrets and mysteries. Learn if Jesus is the creator of all things and how he relates to the universe. Is Jesus our savior the same as the God that Isaiah refers to as God our savior?

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The Search For Eternal Life
Science, Faith and The Universe Part 8

The Search For Eternal Life Part 8
The Origins of Faith: Faith and the Universe
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You may refer to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC or Earth Story by Sington/Lamb. The significance of this is really quite incredible, and if you are willing to be honest with yourself; you would have to admit the order is perfect. How could Moses in his wildest dreams ever have known such a thing. This is no lucky guess, that's for sure! Another wonderful guess by Moses is the fact that he points out that the face of the earth is turning. A fact that is not realized until the 16th century AD. Furthermore, a prophet named Isaiah mentions that the earth is a circle and that didn't become common knowledge until the great explorer Christopher Columbus (1492).

I know what you're thinking. You don't see that in these first verses of the Bible. The truth is if you  translate the text from the Hebrew using a Strong  Concordance the translation is a good bit clearer. Let's see how it reads.

Genesis 1.1 "In the first place God selected and formed the lofty area where the clouds move and the world."

Genesis 1.2 And the world was lying in waste and desolation and the surface was like a desert, full of confusion and empty as an undistinguishable ruin; and darkness was on the part that turns, there was a great abyss with surging masses of water. And a violent exhalation of the supreme God hovered and shook the part that turns and the wasting waters.

Clearly you can see some interesting information just in these two verses. Moses words in the original Hebrew are considerably more descriptive. Next we can see that Isaiah a prophet whose writings are in the Bible reveals how the earth is a circle.

Isaiah 40.22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth...

Finally, and I think truly devestating to those who don't believe the facts is this little tidbit: Stephen Hawking candidly mentions something of extreme importance. From the perspective of the earth, the universe looks the same in whichever direction we look. Furthermore, It appears that all other galaxies are moving away from us. Making it appear as though we are the center of the universe. However, it is assumed according to Friedman (Friedman's second assumption) this same phenomenon would occur from the perspective of any other point in any other galaxy too (but! That is a theory and an improvable assumption; we would have to travel to a distant galaxy to observe the universe from that perspective). However, as Hawking states "we believe it only on the grounds of modesty: it would be remarkable if the universe looked the same around us, but not around other points in the universe!" So what's the point Rick? Here's the point! The Bible refers to the region of earth as a center of activity and everything develops from that point. Therefore, scientifically speaking we have stumbled upon the proof that scripture is in agreement with science in this matter using The Doppler Theory. Another point that people in the science community incorrectly interpret is this: as the Bible provides its word of knowledge, it's not to tell us how conclusions are drawn it is only there to be in agreement with the sciences of the day. In other words whether the earth is the center of the universe or not is not the question. The question simply is does it agree with the facts?

Now you have only seen a very few of the numerous facts the Bible show concerning earth and creation. The fact is, this is an actual evidence of God in these writings. The evidence is called "Word of Knowledge."
First, Moses reveals in his writing how his God told him about the creation of the earth. Second, Moses tells us that he is commanded by his God to write these things in a book. Third, the things that Moses wrote of, were the particulars regarding the order in which the  earth was created. Forth, Moses through his own admission explains that these are not his own made up concepts but rather were given to him by his God.  Fifth, since Moses was raised in the court of Egypt's Pharaoh his original belief system was that of the Egyptians. That is, Moses was raised believing in a pantheon of more than two thousand gods, a considerable difference from the belief system he would come to embrace when he met God at the burning bush. Please refer to Mystery & Logic Newsletter Volume 5 Moses Phenomenon Part III. We know that no one could ever have guessed the order in which the earth developed, yet Moses accurately describes the order in which the earth developed. How? According to Moses, God told him. As it turns out, it agrees with the scientific model in every way. If you don't agree that this is extraordinary then my conclusion concerning you would be that you are not intellectually honest with yourself. Therefore, I challenge you review the facts. Sixth, No other ancient document, provided such an in depth accounting of the creation of the earth. There are Egyptian writings regarding a creation story but it is grossly incorrect, contradicts all natural law and is completely non-logical and non-scientific. 

An Open or Closed Universe?
Now we must consider why is this so important to us today? Mainly the reason is this: if you are intellectually honest with yourself whether or not you have any interest in finding the truth regarding the doctrine of eternal life; then you must consider this document an amazing find. I say this because no other doctrine not even science demonstrates the possibility of a supernatural forces within our sphere. In other words scientific community has come to the conclusion that we live in a closed universe. What does that mean? A closed universe means that science does not accept the notion that a supernatural being entering into our universe and influencing the affairs of humans. On the other hand scripture opens the question of what is called an open universe. Meaning that there is a supernatural being and he is interested in our affairs. Furthermore, not only interested but integrally involved in them. Therefore, these documents that are found in the Bible at the very least indicate there is more involved than just a closed universe. Clearly, we would have to conclude at minimum that there is something beyond mans capability happening here because there is no way that Moses could have concluded the layout of the creation and development of the earth without some supernatural provision. What is the evidence of this? Others of the ancients have tried to define their surroundings and creation and have failed miserably at it.  Finally, after reviewing the data anyone intellectually honest with themselves are forced to conclude there is documentation in mans history that contains numerous references to supernatural intervention and events, the phenomenon's of  Moses and Isaiah are just two of them. Also, it should be noted that these events  have taken place with a very particular group of people: namely the ancient civilization of the Hebrews.  This too would be logical, since all documentation would be accumulated by one group of people and one group of writings over time.  Making the path of truth spring up from one main source. Let's take a moment and review our criteria? You remember don't you?  We called them the "Ground rules." You didn't think I forgot about that did you? No! We had to lay the ground work. Let's review the "Ground Rules" quickly.

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  1. If God/s showed up there would have to be a purpose for it to get a meaningful result.
  2. Therefore, the God/s must implement a system of factual records and archives for the imperfect humans to get it right    for future generations. 
  3. God/s determined that they had a purpose for us to fulfill and the God/s would want to relate their purpose to us.
  4. What ever the visiting God/s do it has to be fresh and renewable to every generation.
  5. The God/s would have to provide documentation (either  written by their own hand or inspired). It would have to include their plan, and a way to live that pleases them, allowing all generations to refer to it for consultation.
  6. We would need to be able to verify any claim that God/s were actually here and did what they say they did.
  7. The ancient document would have to contain predictions (or Prophecy)  of coming events that will be watched by onlookers in generations to come.   
  8. The ancient document would reveal facts (or Word of Knowledge) of our surroundings before we knew they actually existed.

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The Search For Eternal Life Part 8