The Ten Commandments are also known as the decalogue. What does Jesus have to do with Eternal Life? Jesus the Son of God loves you. Welcome to Jesus This Way where we talk about God, Love Science Archeology, History ancient secrets and mysteries. Learn if Jesus is the creator of all things and how he relates to the universe. Is Jesus our savior the same as the God that Isaiah refers to as God our savior?

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The Search For Eternal Life
Science, Faith and The Universe Part 2

The Search For Eternal Life Part 2

The Origins of Faith: Science Faith & the Universe
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What Would It Take To make Us Believe?
If you think about the "Show Yourself" examples above, you quickly realize generations throughout the Timeline since the "appearing of the God/s" will need to have access to information regarding the vent. Why? Because the God/s will not appear to every single generation.  It would make perfect sense that if God (or the Gods) were to appear, it only be a one time event for all time. This way anyone who wants to know the truth about it (for whatever reason), they can search the archives of history to find out about.

Documenting A Historic Event
Now if any event were to take place humanity would have to find a way to properly document it. This is  to prevent distortion of the historic facts for future generations.  In other words, if the God/s did show up, you can bet, for what ever reason, there would be many who would get the story wrong. Even worse, as time wore on, distortion of the event would occur, leaving truth and distortion. In other words we would have the belief system that the God/s gave us and then at least one corrupted view of those beliefs. Since humanity is imperfect, our ability to keep perfect records is impossible. However, keeping records accurately to determine the facts would be absolutely essential. Purity and corruption always leave us with truth and truth corrupted (or a description of the event with hints of truth but not an accurate account of the actual events).  Therefore, the God/s must implement a system of factual records and archives for the imperfect humans to get it right for future generations to refer to. 

What Would Be The Purpose For The Visit Of God/s.
Have you ever given any thought as to why the God/s should visit? Would they visit just to make us believe? Well, let's see! Logically speaking what would that purpose be? Would it be to teach us how to cure cancer, heart disease, MS or some form of vital information? No! Why? Because, If they gave us a cure for the disease they could just as easily wipe the diseases themselves and be done with it. So what would the gods gain by such a thing? Nothing really! I guess the human race would be thankful; but in the end their would still have to be a greater purpose. You see, unlike God or gods humans will still inevitably die from one sickness or another. In other words, the god/s are still gods in their realm and we are still humans in ours and ultimately we still die, and nothing is gained or changed. Furthermore, the eternal outcome for the human would not have changed. In our un-everlasting condition what the gods would have done for a generation of people or even all generations to follow would matter very little, if in the end we are still going to suffer the agony of death and the grave. In fact, it can strongly be argued (as you will see later) that if God or the gods have nothing to offer eternally, and we simply die and experience no after life or eternal life we should just go and have a merry old time. To hell with rules: eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!  Search as much as you like, but God or gods would not visit to help us, to provide some secret formula, or technology. God/s will not visit earth to provide the human race with anything that ends with the human experience. The only reason God or gods would visit us would be to reveal to us that somehow we are connected to them. And to reveal that they made us to relate to them! They would make a visit only to get our attention for some purpose He (or they) felt was important to them, and to them only. In other words, if the gods were to enter our realm to communicate with us, it would be for their purposes and not ours. Remember, as the lowly humans we would be subject to his (or their) will and not the other way around (He or they are God/s the creator with the plan (not us) and we are subjected to their will). To date we have existed without them (or did we?). So, if they showed up it would have to be for a reason that would suite their purpose.  So, our second criteria would be: God or the gods determined that they had a purpose for us to fulfill and the God/s would want to relate their purpose to us.

In analyzing the strings of thought  there is a phenomenon that is unavoidable. If I were to name it, it would have to be the "Generation Phenomenon." As it turns out every generation born cannot prove that the generation before it actually lived what they write or tell about. That's because they didn't experience the events first hand. It seems to me that's why history appears to repeat itself. The new generations stumble over the mistakes of the past generations because they have to experience things for themselves (the data of living it). It's kind of like society's built in memory loss. For instance, today we are struggling to find facts about our past to see if they really happened according to the documentation. As it turns out, archeology is showing that written historic events happed pretty much as they were documented. Even still society makes laws based on how we do our social business today, not realizing the errors of the past are the errors of today as well.  It boils down to this: we want what we want; regardless of what history teaches us. Furthermore, Just because you said it happened doesn't mean it  really happened. I have to go and find out for myself if it really happened. I need Proof! Thus history appears to repeat itself.  This bring us to our next point in our criteria. What ever the visiting God/s do, it has to be fresh and renewable to every generation.

The God/s would have to provide documentation (either  written by their own hand or inspired). It would have to include their  plan, and a way to live that pleases them, allowing all generations to refer to it for consultation.   Furthermore, that document would have to provide knowledge of future events (other than predictable natural phenomenon such as seasonal etc.), and specific information concerning the creation  of our surroundings.

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