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The Search For Eternal Life
Science, Faith and The Universe Part 1

The Search For Eternal Life Part 1
The Origins of Faith: Faith and the Universe
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We have many questions to answer.
Hello and welcome to "Mystery and Logic." In this article we will learn how people have always looked for answers to the ancient questions of eternal life. Even today with all of the belief systems popping up everywhere, we're still mystified by some haunting questions. Have you ever asked yourself even one of these questions:

What will happen to me after I die?
How do I know what religion to choose?
Is there eternal life?
Where did the idea of eternal life come from?
Can we still get eternal life and how?
Is there a God?
Does he have a plan that we can follow to be with him?

These are truly scary questions that have haunted our minds at least since the beginning of documented time. Furthermore, and perhaps just as exciting; these questions bring us to the idea of scripture (or doctrine) verses logic and science or does it?. A heated debate has truly fired up since the late 1800's when Darwinism hit the scene and belief systems throughout the world were turned completely upside down. Because of this, it would be fair of us to ask the question: is there any logic in the above questions? After all, religious beliefs especially the Christian belief system in Jesus Christ has come under tremendous scrutiny but how does a simple person find the simple truth. Finally, is there a logical choice one can make in  this vast see of controversy and mystery? We think there is, and this is the topic of this article. We hope you'll enjoy reading on with us in the
Mystery and Logic Series.

Without a doubt whether you believe in Hinduism, Darwinism or Jesus Christ, if you want the truth you'd better strap on your thinking cap. Because in order for you to answer the questions raised in the above paragraphs, three important factors must be looked at.

a. You must be consistent (or disciplined with a stick-to-itiveness) and read through the material, because these   questions are truly answered using historic facts, honest logic and great detail.
b. We will try and determine if divinity (God in some form) is revealed. If there is a god or a group of gods there must be some divine way of revealing him/themselves to us.
c. We (humans) must create a spiritual model that is made up of logical standards for the human race to follow in order to make a logical determination that divine guidance and intervention are actually occurring throughout world history.

So, if your chinstrap is tightly secured and your food trays are tucked away in their upright positions we'll get started; and what better place to start then at our first point. You! Yes you! You must be consistent! Humans are much like electricity. We like the path of least resistance. The problem with that is: just like a short circuit will destroy your toaster,  the path of least resistance can destroy you. So, no short cuts. This is important. Stick with it!

The Ground Rules of the Gods
If we were to answer any of these questions we would have to create some criteria that we would feel is logical. In other words an intellectual God or gods would use ground rules that we would understand, in order to establish that He or they are who they says they are.

How Would The Gods Communicate With Us?
If God or gods were going to communicate with us, how would they do it? Would the gods assemble and show up for all to see? Would a bunch of gods be able to agree on a way to reveal themselves to us? Would they reveal themselves through cures, or the foretelling of future events? Would there be a reason that God Himself doesn't just show Himself? If He did would anyone believe it? These are all worthwhile questions. However, I never heard anyone discuss an answer to any one of them. The fact is if we are going to talk about ground rules we have to be willing to not just ask the question. We have to be willing to try and find an answer that makes sense using reason and logic.   

Show Yourself!
Why wouldn't God or the gods just show themselves? If we saw Him (or them) we'd surely believe, wouldn't we? Let's follow this thought to a conclusion. Let's say, the skies open and God or a bunch of gods rain down on the Earth from the skies. They introduce themselves, say hello and leave. What does it accomplish? In a few generations or maybe even a few hundred generations everyone would wonder if the event of the "gods appearing" ever really happened. Now, what if they showed up, and  they had a plan; would everyone follow them? Would later generations believe that it ever took place? If they did drop in, would they have a reason? Would they have a purpose? My point is any thing intellectual must have a reason and a purpose for doing something. In other words they would appear if there was a purpose for the event to happen. This brings us to our first criteria. If God or the gods showed up there would have to be a purpose for it to get a meaningful result.

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The Search For Eternal Life Part 1