This is a completely free on line institution providing Christian Preachers complete solutions for preaching the gospel. We provide what you need to preach, and defend the Christain faith and persuade others to come to know Jesus as their Lord! This institution provides all free solutions for people who want to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are looking to preach and save souls, don't forget we provide free and complete solutions for preachers wanting to start a ministry!

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Why Jesus This Way Was Started


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This ministry began with the intent on persuading others to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior: to help others in the Christian faith set the record straight for themselves in the hope of them having more confidence to fearlessly preach the Gospel of Jesus: Finally, we provide total ministry solutions to Christian Believers who preach the gospel of Jesus seeking to save souls.

Jesus This Way is a
DOT.COM organization designed to provide Christians with factual historic information to help the Christian grow in faith. I designed this as a Completely Free on line institution to help teachers and laypeople in the faith.

Therefore, the intention from the beginning was to provide believers with a resource full of information that would enable and arm them; making them better witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ. Ultimately, the goal is provide solid solutions on global fronts of preaching and soul saving for Christians who are sincerely risking themselves to please God.

  1. Give the Christian accurate answers for the hope that lies within them in the faith of Jesus Christ, and enable them to accurately set the record straight in the defense of the faith and the Brethren.
  2. To provide the tools for the Christian Preacher containing total solutions in creating a successful yet Free soul saving ministry.
  3. To help preachers in their efforts to persuade others to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Are you sincere about pleasing God? Along with your Bible you can use this free on line institution to help you defend the christian faith.   Defend the Gospel! This on line intitution provides Christians the help they need to educate themselves to set the record straight about Jesus Christ. Download it now FREE!

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Jesus This Way Ministries provides the MeSquared project for anyone interested in ministry! Download here completely free. It's your free Ministry kit to get you started preaching the gospel.   This on line resource is your free downloadable shareware facility to help you preach the gospel and defend the faith. Save souls and set the record straight so the lost can find Christ.

If I could only make more preachers!

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