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The Time Line of History Part II

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Hello and welcome to the Mystery & Logic Time Line of History. As you may already know, a great deal of effort is spent on the details of "Eternal Life" and where this doctrine had its beginnings. The fact is people are mystified  by things they don't understand. However, in this case, I believe there truly is a logical, understandable and definable answer about the mysterious doctrine of "Eternal Life," if you're willing to look them.

In order to answer the questions regarding the doctrine of eternal life; a good place to start is with the time line of history. The significance of the time line is its ability to help us place the order of events as we read about them. Understanding the time line will help us evaluate for ourselves the many religions since the earliest civilizations; and provide a perspective along with a more graphic and logical view of history.

When we look at the time line we see a gold line starting at "Year 0" then pointing out to the left pointing to "infinity past" and we also see a bright green line Starting at "Year 0" pointing out to the right to "infinity future." Most everyone knows correctly the Gold line "BC" as "Before Christ."  However, the green line "AD" is often mistakenly referred to "After Death" and this is incorrect. "AD" actually is an acronym for "Anno Domini which is a Latin term and means "In the year of our Lord." Therefore, this era that we are in currently is the AD era which is still "In the year of our Lord."


The AD era was invented by a man named Dionysius Exiguus AD 532.

The Bishops at the council of Chelsea in the year AD 816 ordered that the calendar Mr.
Dionysius Exiguus invented be used as the standard calendar.

The terminology AD became widely accepted after King Charles III of Germany added the phrase "In the year of our Lord" to his reign in the year AD 879.

The Exiguus Calendar is one of the many hard evidences of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Scientifically and historically speaking the Lord Jesus Christ actually lived on the earth.

Also it can be safely estimated His life on earth was a 33 year life span somewhere between "Year 4-6 BC" to AD 38. This calendar is only one historic evidence of that.

The Christian Era also known as the CE began during the reign of Augustus Caesar and also continues still today but is generally not referred to.

As mentioned earlier, the year zero for the birth of the Christ; His birth would more accurate if it were placed at the year 4-6 BC according to historians. Finally as you will see later, the Bible is put to the scrutiny of testing standards that historians use, and the Bible stands out not only as a wealth of historic information, but as the bedrock of historic prophetic fulfillment of prophetic writings that The Lord Jesus Christ Himself fulfilled and all are historically true.

Jesus This Way offers the Mystery and logic series. Educational material for you and your family to learn scientific reasons and truths about scripture that are nothing less than astounding! Come on in.

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