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The Midnight Commercial

The Midnight Commercial "Save Your Soul"

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In order to understand the mystery of the midnight commercial, first it's important to understand that there are four distinct portions to it. The first portion is The Message and it made up of three frames that read as follows:
The Message
1. Run from evil.
2. God is coming.
3. Prepare yourself for Him.
The first portion which is the above three frames are centered around the job and message of John The Baptist. He was a man who's birth took place just after the turn of the BC to AD millennium, probably between 4-6 BC. One of Johns jobs was to warn people of an important event that was on its way. It would have everlasting effects on the whole world. For thousands of years before the event's occurrence various people called by God (known as prophets) told of a day when the Lord was going to visit the Earth and in particular His people (They were the Israelites also known as the Jews or Hebrews). Prophets from Moses to Malachi explained in their writings that The Lord's coming would be recognized by various unmistakable signs such as a star in the night sky that would lead to Him; an other was that a virgin shall conceive and have a child, and yet another prophecy told of a man that would preach in the wilderness of Judah whose clothing is camel hair and his food was locusts and honey. Of course there were many more and many other signs that would point to this very special event, but for the sake of our discussion let's focus on the man who dressed funny. As it turns out the man with the unmistakable dress code was John The Baptist and he was in fact one of those unmistakable signs that the prophets spoke of. The prophets said that a man dressed in camel's hair and ate locusts and honey would herald in the coming of the messiah. John The Baptist performed this task right to his death. His message was "repent" (or run away from evil) for the kingdom of God is at hand (or God is coming). Prepare yourselves for him! This message warns people to turn their lives around from evil and wrong doing into a life that considers pleasing God instead of ones own self. Moreover, since Jesus ascended into Heaven, the job of His followers is to continue to inform people that they must turn from evil still today and please God, because He promised that He will come back once again (you can read John's original message in the Bible. Check the table of contents for Matthew, then go to the 3rd chapter and search for the verse numbered 2.) Another part of his job was to help people prepare for this messiah that was scheduled to arrive. He informed onlookers to read the scriptures (the Bible) and learn the truth about Him in the hopes that a person would rescue themselves from evil. The Baptist reports that a day will come when God will wipe out all evil in fire and it might be wise of the onlooker to consider making some lifestyle modifications. Today you are the onlooker and it's important that you consider investigating the facts surrounding Jesus the Christ. Since the beginning of time there has never been a character in history that is more documented then Jesus Christ. As we move on to the second portion of the mystery consider this; the greatest minds and strongest powers in the world could not put an end to the Gospel of Christ, and yet while they are all dead the Gospel of Jesus continues every day.

The Reminder
The second portion of the message is The Reminder. Frame number four states:
4.  Pray and He will hear you
This portion serves two purposes. First it's a prelude to the prayer in the up coming frames and second it is to remind the viewer that God loves us and that He is there with you and is ready to hear you, and accept you, if you want to love and live for Him. In the book of John (this is a different John and is not John the Baptist) in the Bible it states that God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten son Jesus to rescue us from the hardships of this world and certain death resulting from our ungodly living. This was done so we can find our way to God if we were ready to accept His ways, friendship and love. Let's move on to the next portion of the message.
The Prayer
The third portion is The Prayer of Faith. Faith is truly an interesting phenomenon. It's irrelevant whether you believe in religion, science, politics or atheist you are believing something, and like it or not that is faith, you are putting your faith in something. Therefore, it's important that you are sure that whatever your belief is you want it to be correct and logically sound. After all, your eternal life depends on this belief being correct. The Mystery & Logic Series in this web site addresses this but for now let's continue with the message. The Prayer of Faith is as follows:

5. Father sometimes I offend you.
6. I know Jesus died because we have all offended you.
7. I believe God You have raised Him from the dead.
8. Save me from my desires that offend you.
9. Jesus of Nazareth I confess, Is Savior & Lord.
10.Forgive me for offending you in Jesus name.
11.Do no more evil, tell about Jesus, be baptized, learn about Him.
Frame number five states "Father sometimes I offend you." Here we are acknowledging something that God requires before we can ever start a relationship with Him. We must acknowledge that we offended Him in the past and we will continue to offend Him in the future if we live without His regulations in our lives. All relationships have rules and regulations. If someone offends us we expect the person to make amends with us. Our relationship with God requires the same attention. Since we offended Him we must take time to correct it if the relationship is going to be meaningful in our lives, and this statement in the prayer simply acknowledges and addresses that hurdle between you and God. Frames six through eight states the following: "I know Jesus died because we have all offended you. I believe God You have raised Him (Jesus) from the dead. Save me from my desires that offend you." If you have never learned what the Bible says about offending God, don't feel bad, you're not the first. Today most people are fixated on the concept of evolution and Darwin's theory that man evolved from the ape. The truth is I don't know what happened concerning creation. Neither do you, nor do the scientist or historians. It would be unfair of me or anyone else to say that we know for sure where the universe or man came from simply because none of us were there.
The mystery surrounding this topic has many snares and turns to it. However, you have a choice, you're either going to trust the Agnostic religion, the Darwin religion, make up your own hybrid religion, the science religion, Buddha, Jainism, Hinduism, Confucius. Mohamed, or the Jewish/Christian Bible. The undeniable truth is that which ever you pick you're going to have to put all your faith and trust into it,  because the in the end, your eternal soul (if we have one) hangs in the balance. For me I have determined for myself the Bible is the most logical of all starting places. Simply put this is the way I see it! If you are going to trust God, you are going to have to trust what the Bible says about creation. Why? Because the God that you are believing in, is from the Bible. No other doctrine offers it. If the Bible is God's word then you go with that doctrine. If you go with the Bible partially and some other belief you're creating a hole new doctrine or a hybrid doctrine. Hybrids are everywhere today. The God of the Bible doesn't care for that very much. In fact, anyone that does it, is cursed.
God told Moses to write the first five books of the Bible known as the Pentateuch. In it is the book of Genesis and that's where we have the Creation story and the fall of man from God's grace. Man disobeyed God, ate a poisonous fruit (no! not an apple. It was the knowledge of good and evil). And he did it against God's wishes. Man along with his offspring were changed genetically and completely. A hereditary disease would now permeate in mans body to please himself rather than God. Man now has a mind that is willing to satisfy what ever lust the body craved. This is known as The Original Sin Scenario. If you are willing to accept that belief; it's because of this sin that we are separated from God. We do what pleases ourselves and not God.
Obviously, God knew this was coming and was prepared to make a way for man to come back to Him. However,  just as man used his free will to disobey God he would now have to use it to obey Him. All the prophets from Moses to Malachi wrote of this day and the day arrived. It is the most documented historical fact in all of history. Ever since the beginning The Bible tells us that a messiah would come. He did come, and His name is Jesus.
Jesus the messiah had to live a perfect life, then be put to death because He claimed to be the messiah. He would be raised from the dead by Gods power. Because He had no sin (or fault) death could not hold  Him down and dead in the grave. He rose from the dead (a documented historical fact) and finally if you ask Him to forgive you and accept the work He did and live for God, God will accept you. God will see the spirit of Jesus the Christ in you, and death will not be able to hold you down either. While your body is dead your spirit will be with God in Heaven. Furthermore, when He returns to finally judge the world and its sin (wrong doing), your body will be regenerated into a perfect body and it will rise from the dead just like Christ's body did.
Next in frame nine we read "Jesus of Nazareth I confess Is Savior & Lord." God requires us to verbally confess to Him that Jesus the Christ is the Savior of the world and is Lord (Supreme or God). This is an act of humility before God and He requires it! Why? Because we as the creation are subjecting ourselves to God, and agreeing with Him that He is greater than all things.
The next frame, ten, states "Forgive me for offending you in Jesus name." Here, we the creation actually repair the relationship between yourself and God. Once we ask God to forgive us, He does it unconditionally. This means that God has forgiven all of your past wrong doing and offenses of Him. From here it's up to you to maintain your relationship with Him. 
All prayer to God must be made in Jesus Name. This too is a requirement. God requires that we approach Him in the Name of His Son Jesus, The Christ, and we do this because God is unapproachable accept by approaching God's thrown threw the messiah the Christ, Jesus.

The Job Description
12. Do no more evil, tell about Jesus, be baptized, learn about Him.

Finally, frame number eleven is the final portion of the mystery. This is a brief summary for those people who ask themselves; Okay what do I do now? The immediate next step for the new Christian. "Do no more evil, tell about Jesus, be baptized, learn about Him." This is quite simply your new job description. In order to "Do no more evil" you must learn the differences between good and evil. Sometimes what we consider good is not acceptable to God and in fact according to God's standard is evil. Furthermore, sometimes things we think are evil in Gods eyes are upright. Therefore it is important that we begin to understand the mind of God.
Tell about Jesus! Do your part tell others about Christ Jesus and what He means to you. More than likely your not going to know the scriptures or have scriptural answers to hard questions but you can tell others that the answers to these questions will come then proceed to tell others about your experience of how you accepted Jesus as your Lord and that you want to live for Him.
Be baptized. The baptism is an important part of your Christian walk with God. To be baptized means to be fully immersed and to be stained. God wants us to be baptized. Jesus was baptized and you must be as well. This action means that you are to be fully dunked in water whether in a river a pool or deep tub is irrelevant. The point is you must be fully immersed. The act will stain your conscience. You'll remember this action for the rest of you life I assure you. This also enters you into the brotherhood of God. This brotherhood of people are empowered by the spirit of God, and your in some pretty deep company. Jesus, John the Baptist, and The original Twelve Disciples to mention a few.
Don't be afraid, be faithful, love God and love your neighbor as yourself. If you'd like to contact me I can be reached at 860-210-0030 just leave a message.

The Message, The Reminder, The Prayer and The job, Just do it!
God loves you!
Pastor Richard P. Beobide


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