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Introduction "The Beliefs Of Nations"
Where Did The Doctrine Of Eternal Life Originate?

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     Hello, and welcome to "The Beliefs Of Nations."  I guess the first question you might be asking yourself is why am I reading this obscure article regarding the origins of the doctrine "Eternal Life?"
Well, the truth is it's because of the influence of the beliefs of nations  that people of the world develop a belief system to live by. For instance, western culture is largely influenced by the  Hebrew writings we know of today as the Bible. This Hebrew nation was called Israel. The impact of their writings still influence us today.
  Moses, the author of the first five books of the Bible, authored a group of commands he claims were given to him by God himself. This same person provided a detailed doctrine concerning a coming savior who would bring about the resurrection of the dead; proving those dead believed in him during the span of their life.
As we evaluate the original belief systems of the world, we are on the lookout for one truth in particular: That is: which belief system is the correct (or most logical) to believe in. History and archeology will provide our data as we try to find out if there is any truth to the mysteries of religion.
From the beginning of time the chronological order of ancient religions are as follows: the Mesopotamians from the ancient city of Sumer. They believed in thousands of gods. In fact, the Mesopotamians documented the very first epic hero of all time who wrestled with the gods of his belief system. His name was Bilgames who would later become known as Gilgamesh. 
Egypt also had a large pantheon of gods. In the midst of them a King tried to usher in a monotheistic belief of the God Anton, This Pharaoh was quickly dispatched and Egypt would return to their pantheon.
The land of India would reveal her ancient beliefs of Hinduism and centuries  later would be the starting point of a brand new religion. This belief was started by a person of the warrior class whose name was Siddharta Guetama.Can you guess the belief system he began? If you said Buddhism, you guessed right! China would develop belief systems based on the here and now. In other words their beliefs did not philosophically include the here after.
The nation of Israel began as a tribe from Abram who trusted in only one singular God. Abrams belief is truly the only monotheistic God in all of history based on a personage and not an effect of nature. Furthermore, this God told Abram of events that would happen to his lineage (offspring) regarding their development and impacts on the world scene concerning their population, growth and an eternal thrown with regard to an everlasting kingdom.
The Americas would arrive on the seen later with various beliefs that had almost virtually no impact on the world scene at all. Yet even they are being resurrected as a valid belief.
Today the scientific community is actually becoming a valid atheistic belief system, because people claim their beliefs based upon scientific data and confirmation; qualifying science as a valid belief system.
The fact is today with all the belief systems in the world with the exception of perhaps a few, all belief systems began in one way or another using these belief systems previously mentioned as the primary building blocks of their infrastructure.
Our job in this group of articles is to review and find out which belief system is the most logical to trust with our eternal soul (if we have an eternal soul). In doing this evaluation we must have an actual scientific equation that can determine  logical outcome that is dependable. This is known as a Boolean algebraic phrase or statement. In other words a basic <if> <then> equation. So, what do you think? Is it possible to do? I believe it is. Lets get started we have much to do!


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