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God, Monotheism & Hybrid Beliefs

God, Monotheism & Hybrid Beliefs
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Where Does The "Savior" Doctrine Come From?
While Israel was in route to the PROMISED LAND out of Egypt, God spoke to Moses and provides the law for the Israelites.
Among them are the laws of forgiveness, the doctrine of redemption, the calendar, feasts, the laws of immigration allowing strangers entering the land to become a part of the Israelite nation and becoming Israelites themselves. Also, allowing for the forgiveness of their sins by way of sin offerings and grace.
This law presented by this monotheistic God paved the way for the Israelite nation to become the greatest nation ever in existence. Furthermore, much of today's American society and our civil laws are deeply based in these very doctrines. It was this law of Moses that wrote about a savior to be born of a virgin, sacrificed and raised from the dead on the third day.
Moses foretold of a people that would accept the savior (Jesus Christ) and God would provide forgiveness of their sins (or forgiveness of our wrong doing) through grace. In other words God would be gracious and forgive our wrong doing if we accept His sacrifice, Jesus Christ.
This same law instructs us that the requirement of circumcision of the flesh (the removal of the man's foreskin) will no longer be recognized by God, once the savior arrives. Now anyone who accepts the sacrificial work and resurrection of Jesus Christ foretold by Moses would be looked upon by God as one of own His children, and forgiven of all wrong doing. Then they are accepted as citizens of the new Israel and people of God. That is an Israel made up of people from all over the world believing in Jesus; just like Abram who circumcised all his house hold regardless of their origin, making us and them children of promise. We who accept the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ enter into Abrams promise because the promise came to Abram while he was uncircumcised.
So, when we use the term God (in a monotheistic manner) we must understand who it is we are talking about. We are talking about this God. The God of the Israelites. The doctrines and disciplines of this God summarized above are fully documented.
When discussing creation, the garden of Eden, eternal life, Adams surgery, the clone of Adam who is Eve, Adams lineage, the promise of the child savior, the great flood, the ark, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Israel, The 12 tribes, forgiveness of sin, heaven, hell, Christ and all the rest. It's all documented here and no where else.
When you use the word God (in a monotheistic sense) you are talking about all of the historically documented events. If you leave them out you have no proof or documentation and you cut down your own beliefs because you have just removed all the proof that supports this monotheism.
This is the original monotheism, and any others that follow are hybrids. It's like talking about water and cutting H2O out of your formula. You can't separate the two.
In fact, Mohamed who came 600 years after Christ referred to this God. The God of the Jews the God of the Israelites. However, in error he ignored the doctrine of salvation through grace. In doing so he created a whole new monotheistic belief system. One that completely ignores all of the above and tries to get to heaven by works and not by faith in the savior Jesus Christ.

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God, Monotheism & Hybrid Beliefs