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If I could only make more preachers!

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Jesus This Way offers a mission. Preach The Gospel! Download it FREE! Grab it!

Mission: Preach the Gospel 

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Mission: Go! Preach the Gospel to Every Creature...

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Have you ever thought you had a mission in your life that was greater than you are? Hello, My name is Pastor Richard Beobide.  Well, I realize after many years: I have a mission too. In my mission, my goal, and my objectives are to persuade as many who will receive it; that Jesus is Lord. My Mission is to be creative and find creative ways of bringing this truth to others in the hope of rescuing them from the fire and torment of an eternal death. My mission is to be a man who loves God with all my heart and to love others as I love myself; and to explain these ideas to others as well. I believe God wants this from everyone. It is my hope that others will learn it as I did.

Another part of my mission is to help people realize the importance of America's History! For instance: did you know America kept Christian ideals from it's inception and wrote them into our constitution? Of course you did! Furthermore various documents were written by our forefathers as complimentary documents to help guide our nation as a free people lead by God in Jesus Christ to keep us on a course of Godliness. This was done because ac

cording to these same papers a self governing people cannot govern themselves if they are morally corrupt. They knew the importance of Godly beliefs in a self governing nation.  As a result, America prospered beyond all other nations in all of History. Only in recent years have we strayed away because of a dishonest evaluation of our history, and ourselves.  Not to mention attempts by radical groups to rewrite history trying to convince the American people to believe tremendous inaccuracies about this nation, our history  and the beliefs we hold dear. This country has been the most gracious, non-aggressive nation in world history. Not to mention: loving, kind and generous, even to our enemies.

Fortunately, the American people are full of love and compassion and  have overcome adversity after adversity and still today are the most Godly even with all our faults. Perhaps in recent days some of us have allowed selfishness, lawlessness or greed to guide us. However, I believe the spirit of God will again inspire a great people who are part of a great nation to perform great works and turn back to Godliness yet again.

The precepts of God have fashioned the people of this land. So please take a moment to remember God and His commandments. See:  commandments.
This is a large task for just one person! I would like your help.
Please take the time to download the Free Materials from this web site and read the manual to start your very own preaching ministry with in your church. Tell your pastor that this website provides free children's books for your pre-schoolers.   Inform as many as you can that this resource is here for brothers and sisters in Christ. It's here to help everyone whose desire is to preach and save souls.

Saving a soul is a worthy cause! Please Help.

If you haven't done so: 
Ask the Lord Jesus into your heart and have a great day!

God Loves You!

If you would like to help:

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If I could only make more preachers!

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