Jesus THis Way Charter. What does Jesus have to do with Eternal Life? Jesus the Son of God loves you. Welcome to Jesus This Way where we talk about God, Love Science Archeology, History ancient secrets and mysteries. Learn if Jesus is the creator of all things and how he relates to the universe. Is Jesus our savior the same as the God that Isaiah refers to as God our savior?

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We are NOT a Non-Profit Organization!

Jesus This Way Charter
Love God With All Our Hearts!
Love Our Neighbor As Ourselves!
Preach The Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Baptize In The Name of: The Father, The Son & Holy Spirit!

Save Souls!

I believe the gospels are God's, and they are
not owned by any person. Therefore, I strive, to provide
research, and  product that I make, with the
intent of being free of charge, with the exception of  any
shipping and handling that I may incur
(usually everything is downloadable without charge). 
Therefore, Jesus This Way Ministries will make it's best effort
to keep these products Free of Charge and in the public
arena for all the brethren to use in the furtherance of the
Good News Of Jesus Christ Our Lord,
Who Is The Only Begotten Son Of God!

The products that Jesus This Way makes are for promoting
The Good News Of Jesus Christ.

Copyrighted Materials Created By Jesus This Way
Will Be Presented For The Brethren In Christ To Use
Freely Without Fear of  Punishment
of  Copyright Infringement.

The Reason Jesus This Way Exists Is For The Growth
And Strength Of The Hebrew Messianic Faith Of Christianity.

It Is Not The Desire of Jesus This Way To Earn Money From
Preaching The Gospel, Nor To Have Finances Be An Issue
That Would Prevent Someone From Receiving
The Good News Of Jesus Christ,
The Only Son Of God.

All Products Offered By Jesus This Way
Shall Be Free of Charge.

If You Would Like To Help In The
Effort of Preaching The Gospel simply pray for us!
Jesus This Way Ministries Does Not Accept Donations!

We are a Not a Non-Profit Organization.
This is an effort to Preach The Gospel and help others
Preach as Well.

Jesus This Way Is Currently Manufacturing

The Me2 Project Evangelical Ministry Kit
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Jesus This Way offers the Mystery and logic series. Educational material for you and your family to learn scientific reasons and truths about scripture that are nothing less than astounding! Come on in.

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Jesus This Way Ministries provides the MeSquared project for anyone interested in ministry! Download here completely free. It's your free Ministry kit to get you started preaching the gospel.

If I could only make more preachers!

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