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Dr. Mooskatimus Free Children's Books. Dr. Mooskatimus and the Great Space Adventure.

Dr. Mooskatimus is off on  another adventure. This time he's taking you and your child to the moon to see if it is really made of cheese.

Both you and your child will love the pictures throughout this wonderful rhyming story book, as you go with Dr. Mooskatimus to his NASA Press Conference, where the place is a buzz with excitement! The archeologist enters the room and the flash bulbs puff, pop, and snap as he walks in, and the press begin their questioning.

Dr. Mooskatimus reveals how he intends to make this mission work, and what he expects to find when he gets there. Of course, Dr. Mooskatimus is completely aware of the dangers involved in his quest for moon cheese, as a press agent peppers him regarding the dangers of the trip. However, Dr. Mooskatimus doesn't flinch, as he explains his trust in God, and Jesus Christ. As if that is not enough, he gives the press corps a quick history lesson on Jesus Christ, and just what he accomplished.
You and your child will enjoy the many colorful and historic pictures of Dr. Mooskatimus as he falls into a dream, and steps on the moons surface.

The story quickly moves on as Dr. Mooskatimus reflects on Neil Armstrong (the first man to ever step on the moon), and Buzz Aldrin (he did the bunny hop on the moon). According to an interview, Mooskatimus was clear that Armstrong's Apollo mission brought back a collect rocks which did not contain the elusive cheese ore (cow-goat-I-mus-utter-us) needed to make moon cheese.

Part one of this exciting adventure closes in prayer as Dr. Mooskatimus insist that everyone bow their heads in prayer as Dr. Mooskatimus turns his sight to the prep center were he will get ready for his space shot.

Yes, mommies and daddies will love this Christian children's adventure story book, as your relationship with your child grows in fun, learning, and godliness. 

Please Note:
The PDF file Format version allows you to print your own "Big Story Book" with High Color Graphics, and  comes with built in features allowing you and your child to extend the learning experience with YouTube Multimedia. By Clicking on the JTWTV image, you will be connected through hyperlink to our JTWTV station. Once there, your child will be able to view video material online as they become available.

About the Author
The Dr. Mooskatimus books were inspired by God said  Richard Beobide, "I simply wanted to produce a fine quality product in an effort to help Christian parents raise their children in the ways of the Lord. I believe God gave me this, to meet that need." Richard's focus began with preschool children, however, he decided it was necessary to expanded his focus. Now, his writings include preschool thru second grade, and also writes on politically charged topics, in an effort to educate Christians and fortify their beliefs in God and Christ, while providing Christians with quality ammunition to defend the Gospel.

Richard attends Faith Church, pastured by Frank Santora and his wife Lisa. Richard serves the church as music minister for the WOW children's ministry.

Details of the Book
This book is available in three formats:
1. PDF email is an ebook which and is a free downloaded.   

2. PDF CD shall be mailed to you. You can expect to receive the CD in about ten business days. Shipping and handling charges do apply. It is identical to PDF email with all of its features. The only exception is we use conventional mail to send you the PDF CD ebook. The PDF ebook is installed on a CD and made available for your shopping preference.

3. Soft Cover Story Book is a is a conventionally printed, beautifully colored imagery, which is a lovely  saddle stitch soft cover "Big Story Book." Its page size measures 8.5 inches by 11.0 inches, and is designed as a beautiful stand alone product. Delivery on this wonderful product can be expected within ten business days.

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