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Dr. Mooskatimus Free Children's Books. Read this book with your child to help him or her learn the letter "A".  Dr. Mooskatimus Teach The Big Letter A. The Big Letter is Capital A

Dr. Mooskatimus is an archeological professor taking you and your child on the adventures of phonics, pronunciation, and the capital letters of the alphabet! This book will help mommies and daddies teach their child all about the  "Big Letter "A". You and your child will experience fun and laughter as your child hears and learns the phonetic long and short sounds of  the "Big Letter A", while learning Christian ethics and experiencing God's love through you.

This book employs many of the
Department of Education's required Dolch word list to get your child off to a great start. Today, preschoolers are expected to know their Dolch word list by the time they enter a preschool or kindergarten class.  Here at Jesus This Way Ministries we focus on these requirements to help your Christian child develop.

Both you and your child will love the pictures throughout this wonderful rhyming story book, as your relationship with your child grows in fun, learning, and godliness. 

Dr. Mooskatimus begins all of his
Big Letter books in the classroom. The classroom is an anchor picture designed to provide a stable place for your child as Dr. Mooskatimus takes your child off to adventure.
The good doctor will thrill your child while he encourages children to shout with enthusiasm, as your child looks at  big beautiful images of the
"Big Letter A." The adventure continues as they go on an airplane ride high in the sky. Then your off again, to a beautiful cave adventure, as Dr. Mooskatimus checks his maps in this wonderfully lit cave. During the whole adventure your child is learning about the look and sounds of the "Big Letter A" in its many forms.

The adventure ends as Dr. Mooskatimus leads in a closing prayer which anchors all events to God's love and goodness, as he teaches children to look to God and Christ for all their needs.

About the Author
The Dr. Mooskatimus books were inspired by God said  Richard Beobide, "I simply wanted to produce a fine quality product in an effort to help Christian parents raise their children in the ways of the Lord. I believe God gave me this, to meet that need." Richard's focus began with preschool children, however, he decided it was necessary to expanded his focus. Now, his writings include preschool thru second grade, and also writes on politically charged topics, in an effort to educate Christians and fortify their beliefs in God and Christ, while providing Christians with quality ammunition to defend the Gospel.

Download your Free Big Letter A Childrens Book! Remember The Big LEtter A is Capital A!

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Hello Kids, Dr. Mooskatimus will help you learn the Capital Letter A, He uses The Big Letter A Book.